Protects retroactively

Retroactive protection
ACREDIA Veto protects your payments retroactively for up to 10 years against insolvency challenges.
Assumption of costs for legal defense measures
We cover legal and court costs for the successful defense against insolvency challenges, as well as any interest payments to the insolvency administrator.
Europe-wide cover and transparent premiums
ACREDIA Veto offers protection for customers throughout the EU, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. With our fixed annual premiums, you can clearly plan and control your costs.

ACREDIA Veto - your protection against insolvency challenges

With ACREDIA Veto, your business relationships are protected against the risks of insolvency challenges. Our Contestation Insurance offers you the security you need to carry out business transactions without fear of legal and financial risks.

Without ACREDIA Veto, you expose yourself to numerous legal risks. Secure your business relationships!

Exposure to insolvency challenges
Your payments received from suppliers and business partners are unprotected. In the event of insolvency, these payments could be contested by the insolvency administrator, which could lead to considerable financial losses.
Uncertainty in business decisions
You may be reluctant to pursue new business opportunities or accept larger payments for fear of legal consequences if your business partner becomes insolvent.
Lack of liquidity
Insolvency challenges could affect your liquidity by tying up capital or leading to amounts already paid being reclaimed.
Loss of trust
The loss of business partners due to insolvency and legal disputes could affect the trust of your customers and suppliers in your company, which could lead to a loss of business relationships and reputational damage in the long term.

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Barbara Fluch
Barbara FluchCFO - Casa Si Marketing- und VertriebsgmbH
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"My credit insurance protects my company from payment default. I am very satisfied with Acredia"
David Kraus
David KrausSales Manager & Operations Manager - ACS Handels GmbH
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"Big praise to the staff at ACREDIA - they are incredibly hard-working and quick to respond to all inquiries!"
Friedrich Ottendorfer
Friedrich Ottendorferppa. Finance / Controlling - ÖSWAG Maschinenbau GmbH
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"The customer service at ACREDIA has always been very satisfactory."
Harald Brettlecker
Harald Brettlecker CFO - Polo Handels AG
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"ACREDIA has experienced and competent employees who are very fast and friendly."
Kurt Größbacher
Kurt Größbacher Management - Kurt Grössbacher GmbH
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"Even if there is a payment default, the claim is processed quickly and I get my money back. "
Michael Katterl
Michael KatterlManagement - RECOM Power GmbH
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"We are delighted with the excellent cooperation with our contact persons."
Dr. Martin Herbst
Dr. Martin Herbst Head of Accounting - Mosser Holzindustrie GmbH
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"Mosser Holzindustrie GmbH has been a satisfied customer of ACREDIA for over 30 years."
Thomas Häusler
Thomas HäuslerCEO - Pro-Metall Häusler GmbH
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"I am used to the fast decision making by ACREDIA: for both claims as well as credit decisions."

Acredia Veto in detail: Your comprehensive protection against insolvency challenges

Find out more about the wide range of services offered by Acredia Veto, which provide you with comprehensive protection against insolvency challenges.

We cover the costs of legal and court proceedings to support you in defending against insolvency challenges.


In unserem Downloadbereich finden Sie alle wichtigen Dokumente zu unseren Produkten
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Factsheet ACREDIA Veto - Your advantages at a glance
Application for conclusion of ACREDIA Veto
ACREDIA Veto Claim Notice - Simply fill in and submit your claim
GCI ACREDIA Veto 2015 - General Terms and Conditions of Insurance 2015


What advantages does credit insurance offer me?

Credit insurance offers you a wide range of benefits that help to ensure your financial security and stability

Credit insurance protects your company against customer payment defaults. It is important to protect your business from financial risks and to maintain your liquidity.

At ACREDIA, we work closely with our customers to understand their individual needs and offer customized solutions. We offer you personal advice and support every step of the way.

In the event of a payment default by an insured customer, ACREDIA takes over the claim and initiates the necessary steps for collection. This minimizes your financial risk and secures your liquidity.

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