ACREDIA Global – worldwide cover against non-payment and bad debt losses.

ACREDIA Global – for navigating risks worldwide.

Tailored cover against non-payment and bad debt losses for large enterprises thanks to careful credit assessments.


Our solution for all companies that need worldwide protection against loss of receivables.

Are you active worldwide, have major customers and sometimes have challenging business partners with unique requirements? We’re happy to customise your ACREDIA Global insurance contract to meet your needs. Our expertise will help your business succeed, even in far-flung countries. In addition to commercial risks, such as insolvency and payment default, worldwide cover can also be provided for political risks, such as war, bans on foreign currency transfers and non-payment by public institutions. We monitor your assessed customers on an ongoing basis. We support your receivables management and maintain your liquidity by indemnifying the loss quickly if an insured event occurs.

Just as risks are local, so too are our risk assessments

As a subsidiary of the global market leader Allianz Trade, we have access to international data about over 40 million companies and are your local partner worldwide. You benefit from quick, high-quality credit assessments thanks to our local market expertise.

Cover your deliveries of goods and services worldwide

We provide comprehensive cover for all receivables from deliveries of goods and services to your customers in the B2B sector across the world.

Optional services 

Production risk

You produce customised products – we can cover your procurement and production costs from the start of the production process.

Advance payment risk

We can cover the risk of your suppliers failing to deliver after you’ve paid in advance.

Political risk

You deliver to a public-sector buyer or to risky countries where military conflicts or unrest might arise. We support your business there too.

Optional services for your ACREDIA Global insurance.


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