ACREDIA Project – cover for your project or transaction

ACREDIA Project – impetus for your major project.

Guaranteed cover for a single project or transaction.


Credit insurance for single deliveries and projects

Are you about to embark on a single delivery, a one-off transaction or a project with a term of up to five years? We provide customised insurance against commercial risks for one-off projects or transactions for a fixed price. We also offer the option of cover against political risks, including non-payment by public-sector buyers.
The solvency of customers is difficult to predict, especially if the project lasts several years, such as in the machinery and capital goods segment. It takes a lot of business confidence to handle such deals on credit. You therefore need a strong partner that is familiar with all the risks of projects based on many years of international experience. In addition to our expertise in checking major projects, we also have extensive experience of how to manage a project that has gone wrong.

Besides major projects, we can also cover smaller projects, single goods deliveries and one-off services under ACREDIA Project. If your customer goes insolvent, we step in and indemnify the loss.

Optional services

Production risk

Your costs are insured from the time you start producing.

Political risk

You’re covered against bad debt losses or payment defaults due to war, unrest, bans on foreign currency transfers or non-payment by public-sector buyers.


Optional services for your ACREDIA Project insurance.


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