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You are guaranteed to have insured your company car as well as your company building. But what about your company’s business? It’s great that you can also safeguard the business relationship with your customers. This creates trust and a peaceful night’s sleep. Speaking of trust: This is also the basis of every ACREDIA consultation.


There for you!

We support you individually as required.

It is free of charge

… but very valuable: our advice.

Did you know?

To compensate for a bad debt loss of just EUR 15,000, you need an additional turnover of EUR 500,000 (at 3% return).

Why our products are purely a matter of expertise

Selling is easy. But specialist advice at eye level requires a lot more: appreciation, interested listening, sound expertise, many years of market knowledge, solid and flexible products. This is exactly what you will find at ACREDIA.

And this is the foundation on which ACREDIA has been building for over 30 years: satisfied customers, stable partnerships and business relationships based on trust.

Consulting at ACREDIA: What you can expect

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