What is credit insurance?

Credit insurance insures companies against insolvency and non-payment by their business partners. Companies can secure their liquidity with credit insurance if their counterpart can no longer pay outstanding invoices.

Not only large enterprises and corporations have solutions for credit insurance. Small and medium-sized companies in particular can take their risk management to the next level with the help of ACREDIA.

As a credit insurer, we are your support on the road to business success. We support you with your receivables management and make your risk calculable.

How ACREDIA ensures your company's success.

Delivery on open account is a common condition for doing business in the corporate world. Everything is fine as long as the customer pays the outstanding amount on time. But what happens if your client becomes insolvent without warning and cannot pay the bill? Such a possible scenario could also cost your company its existence. We insure this risk. With us as your credit insurer, you are on the safe side if the money doesn’t come. Because we offer you protection against bad debts. Our core competence is accounts receivable management. With our market knowledge and an international data pool, we monitor your target group worldwide and warn you in good time of possible payment defaults. Should your client unexpectedly become insolvent, we will stand behind you and pay the damages.

Payment default

A payment default occurs when an outstanding invoice can no longer be settled. The prerequisite for this is that the service has been provided in advance and the dunning and collection steps to recover the outstanding debt have been unsuccessful. Payment defaults can jeopardize a company’s liquidity, which can lead to a chain reaction of further payment defaults along the value chain.


What advantages does credit insurance offer me?

Credit insurance offers you a wide range of benefits that help to ensure your financial security and stability

Credit insurance protects your company against customer payment defaults. It is important to protect your business from financial risks and to maintain your liquidity.

At ACREDIA, we work closely with our customers to understand their individual needs and offer customized solutions. We offer you personal advice and support every step of the way.

In the event of a payment default by an insured customer, ACREDIA takes over the claim and initiates the necessary steps for collection. This minimizes your financial risk and secures your liquidity.

Any further questions?

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